Princess Xyiairiah:  Age: 12 Likes to sing, and dance.  Princess Xyiairiah was chosen because She’s courageous, very helpful beautiful personality, and she’s always willing to help others.

Princess Xykiriah:  Age: 10 Likes playing with dolls, making and playing with slime, cooking, baking, reading and dancing. She'd love to be a fashion designer. And one day own her own Bakery Shop.  Princess Laresha was chosen because she  has a sweet spirit always willing to help. A great team player with a great attitude.

Princess Xykiriah:  Age: 11 Honor student who loves to sing, travel and help around the house.   This princess is a  “neat freak” and keeps a clean room.  Princess Xykiriah was chosen because she is beautiful! 

Princess JaNylah​:  Age: 14 Better know as Kookie.  JaNylah is a very shy, withdrawn young lady.  She doesn't know herself or her place in this world yet, but is a beautiful, talented, and gifted young lady, with a beautiful voice.  Her passion is art, music, and acting.  Princess JaNylah was chosen because this could be the start of a very confident young lady.  A social butterfly is what's inside of a very shy and beautiful child. She deserves to feel special and honored. This will help her be her before entering into high school this year. She needs this!!

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