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Dream INC, LLC Model and Talent agency located in Wisconsin.  Our offices are virtual as we feel we do not require a space since our models travel and a greater number of our clients are located outside of Wisconsin.  The majority of the models who are signed with Dream INC, LLC are new to the industry.  As we grow our agency, our models attend networking events and often volunteer their time: trade for print to build modeling profile and online portfolio, experience for model resume/exposure, and dependent on the clients’ needs, some modeling opportunities are paid; and with the agency we also offer all aspects of runway training , photography, and lifestyle coaching.  All of which will help enhance the progression of your modeling career.

Application Fee:

You must submit the $25.00 (USD) application fee before your application is accepted.  Please ensure your email address is correct on the submission form as this is record for your receipt and confirmation the application fee was paid.

Please understand filling out the model application form do not equate to, or guarantee acceptance of becoming a Dream INC model.  Upon completion of the application, the potential model will be notified of further steps to complete and/or receive information to cast in person, or forwarded model agreement to join the agency.

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